You know you’re in for a solid night’s live entertainment when right from the start the cast engages the audience. This is how it went at the Netherlands National Circus when we took the family to watch the show.

No warm up, no slow starts, no wondering if you’d be better off at home in front of the telly. As soon as the cast appeared, clapping and encouraging the audience to get involved, we knew we were in for a good night. The show started with a bang and didn’t slow down for a minute.

It was honestly one the best family nights out we’ve had for a while. The atmosphere was alive with energy; you’d have to be made of stone not to get caught up in the excitement. Worth every penny, the show lasted for a good couple of hours, and it honestly felt like about ten minutes. We could have stayed and watched the amazing skill of the performers all night long.

From the astonishing Hand Balances of Bryan Gambi to the mind bending Illusions from the Veres family, and Robert Foxall defying gravity on the Aerial Straps, our eyes were on stalks. How do they do it? It’s staggering!

Other entertainment came from Dani & Kim with Rag Doll and the Jackson family on their bicycles. Taking the family bikes out will never feel quite the same again. Makes you feel like you’ve only just got rid of your stabilisers when you see what circus cyclists can do on wheels. There were loads more spectacular acts, delighting the audience time after time.

Angelo the clown was a total scream. He popped up in between each act and had the audience in fits with every appearance. The kids absolutely loved him and were in hysterics with his antics. We now know why they say laughter is good for you. Our sides are still aching we laughed so much.

Outside the Big Top was a range of refreshments to help replace some of the energy spent with all that laughing. There were the usual chips and hot dogs or giant sticks of candyfloss that the kids loved. It’s a bit special getting candyfloss on a stick these days. Often it’s bundled in bags, which isn’t quite the same.

A Show Not to be Missed.

It was colourful, lively, fun, and totally absorbing. All the staff and personnel were great too, welcoming and friendly and keeping the carnival atmosphere going. By the time the last act left the ring, our heads were full of the wonder of what we’d seen and the kids just wanted it to carry on.

The show is going to be a talking point in our family for some time to come, and has definitely been one of the highlights of our year so far.

Professional and polished, relaxed but well organised and expertly presented, we’d recommend it to anyone.


You’ll be sorry if you miss it!

Social Wakefield,

Feb 2017.

Firstly, I haven’t been to the circus in years (decades) and neither had my mumbler friend, not knowing what to expect and slightly concerned that the mini mumblers might be a bit frightened we looked online and watched some of their past promotional videos which got us a bit giddy.

For any little ones put off by clowns, there really is no need to be frightened they had minimal makeup on and didn’t look scary at all. In fact, I would say for the pre-schoolers they were the highlight, Angelo the clown was very funny and entertaining- particularly for 3/4year olds and as with any good comedy performance there was something in their routines for the adults to enjoy too.

Now for the good stuff! Of course, they had the old favourites such as sawing a lady in half, which the kids loved. 

However, there was some serious draw-dropping stunts and acrobatics that generated real oohs, ahhs and gasps of shock even from the adults who are perhaps a little harder to impress!

Watch out for the Duo Extreme and their tank of water – wow such a highlight!

This is the first activity I’ve been to for my child that I genuinely enjoyed myself as much as mini mumbler.
The awesome skill of each act was mesmerising, as were the physiques of the performers!

I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen muscles that I didn’t know existed until today – and I studied anatomy!

The strength and control of the performers were outstanding and their performances daring and beautiful.

When the interval came I couldn’t believe that we had been there almost an hour, the kids had been fully engaged.

“I liked the dancing” my mini mumbler 3yrs and obsessed with dancing at the moment!

“I liked the clowns crying and squirting water” mini mumbler almost 4

All in all, great all round family fun for all ages, Miss it Miss Out!

Wakefield Mumbler,

Feb 2017.

"Just got back from a visit at Woodhouse & what a FANTASTIC nite we had its well worth a trip up the ACTS THE STAFF & THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE WAS JUST AWESOME. My little girl just absolutely loved it thank u all"

Trisha Binns,

Via Facebook.

"Saw this afternoons show it was fantastic. Kids were mesmerised. Would recommend to all."

Tara Blevins-Grant,

Via Facebook.

"Thank you @netherlandscirc in #Newark for a BRILLIANT night! Recommend to all!"

Liam Perkins,

Via Twitter.

"@netherlandscirc Had a brilliant time this afternoon ! Thank you, you all did fantatic !"


"@netherlandscirc Had a great afternoon in Haydock - Thanks for a fantastic show!"


"Circus was amazing tonight!! #netherlandscircus"


"@netherlandscirc Great Show Last Night Guys And Gals Well Worth The Money"


All via Twitter.

"Visited the 12pm performance at Bolton today! The show was amazing! We loved every minute, even our 3 year old, who now wants to be part of the circus haha!"

Vicky Alice,

Via Facebook.

Had a brilliant time at the Netherlands circus last night kids really enjoyed itas well thank you and we hope you will be back again"

Karen Goodchild,

Via Facebook.

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